83 Coffee High Point NC

The friendliness of the barista / counter staff is a big deal. 

83 Coffee is a strange space. It used to be a coffee truck only business, has been in this space for about a year and a half. They have decent espresso but no soda water of any kind. Some flavored stuff, but nothing Italian like. The person at the counter knows the names of some of the people that come up, including knowing that one guy was going for a job interview today and she wished him luck.

Equipment is standard coffee shop fare. There is a walk up window that is setup so you can just walk up and get what you want. There is a cool space outside on main street in High Point to sit and watch the traffic roll by. Lots of people walk by on this day. Almost all of the business done while I was here was done through the window. 

Brightly lit, with PLUGS everywhere. Wireless is good but not great. Solid 20 /20 but is northstate so likely fiber. This just means that even when there are a lot of people here, it is still likely to be close to 20 /20. Music is low enough to not be annoying, but loud enough and even. That is, there are multiple speakers throughout the space so that they can be kept low but there is EVEN sound throughout the space. Comfortable temperatures. Chairs are comfortable but not great. Very simple space. Artsy space but sparse. Nice and bright. They have removed cushions and soft furniture from the space due to covid and wanting to show a perfectly easy to clean space. $2 double espresso is cheap. 

Coffee truck will do events with a $250 deposit / minimum. SOCIAL MEDIA advertising was mentioned by two different customers, and the barista posted a pic of the daily special while I was there. Interesting. “Oh, I saw that on instagram”

NOTE: There has been some slight renovation to the space and the way that it connects to the furniture and homegoods store behind it. I will need to go back and do another review soon.

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